Crowdsourcing Editing Program

Be a part of the next great American Novel (or at least a quick and good read).”

I’m looking for a few folks to crowdsource my latest book, The Day Life Breaks. If you have ever wanted to be a part of a story coming to life, here is your opportunity. This is a story of a failing business and the great feats one man will go to in order to achieve success. It will be released on e-book later this year, followed by paperback. As the first rough draft is complete, I’m looking for others to play a role in the editing process to get the book into shape. If selected, I’ll send you a spiral-bound version of the book to mark up, give feedback, correct grammar, and tell me what you think.

In exchange for your editing prowess and after sending the manuscript back, you will earn the following (nobody works for free):

  1. One Starbucks Gift Card for a cup of coffee, latte, or drink of choice;
  2. An opportunity to give the author feedback;
  3.  Free e-book version of the book (Kindle only) to see how the tale turned out in the end (I might ask for a review here as well);
  4. The satisfaction of playing a role in publishing a book (Everyone has wanted to write a book at some point. Why not take a baby step now).

If you are interested, reach out accordingly. There are a few qualifying questions and a little background in English never hurts. If selected, I’ll contact you. Due to the timing editing takes and additional costs, there are only a limited number of spots available. Note, I reserve the right to take your suggestions and all work belongs to the author. Thanks for all of your help and interest!