There really is nothing epic about it and I think that’s the point. You see, even every day life can be epic; it just matters how we look at it. Call it perception and will wrapped into a nice little bow. Epic follows the life of Jimmy Charon, a legend of a salesman that lost his way and questions what it means to be Epic, or even what it means to be human. He battles his wife, clashes with co-workers, and often struggles just to show up to work each day. Most people can relate to this every Monday Morning. Every day he struggles. And every day he finds a way. He’s just trying to find the point of it all. And right when he believes there is no hope Hera shows up on his doorstep to offer a little advice. Of course, advice from greek gods often comes at a price and sometimes that price is high.

This is a work in progress by Devon Bacchus. It’s a serial novel to be posted on a regular basis (and it’s not meant for children necessarily; nor, would they really be interested). The First Chapter will be posted soon and you can give the author comments on his work regularly.  Since the work is very much a work in progress, changes and additions will be made regularly and depending on feedback revisions will occur to chapters that have already been posted. Therefore, to see the completion of the story (as well as see the book evolve) it is critical to check back for updates now and again. Thanks for reading. And remember, even the mundane can be epic.



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