JPLA Creed

In the Jason Sheridan Chronicles, the Knights of the Round Table loom large. Instead of donning Superman’s red cape or Batman’s cowl, the kids of Jackson follow Arthurian lore. They’ve built their own rules of the table and these follow on from generation to generation. Most folk in Jackson know and follow the rules of the table even well into adulthood. Jackson folk feel they understand honor and have their own code of ethics.

The original creed of the Round Table is found in numerous sources. There have been many translations and stories of King Arthur since Mallory’s original text. The knights of the Round Table oath and even the number of knights differ in many versions. The Jackson County Players Association follows the Winchester knights, which is twenty-five strong. In Mallory’s original text, there are hundreds of knights, a much strong force. The creed, or oath, has been revised several times as different authors have tackled the knights’ tales. My favorite version is from Pyle, but the original book I received as a gift from my uncle still sits on my shelf. The version I reread multiple times as a kid is highlighted in the book (you can’t miss it). The actual creed in my story differs slightly from the original. It’s been modified for language. I also didn’t see a group of kids chanting the longer version by fire. I could be underestimating high school kids, but my version is much shorter and easier. I believe there is meaning behind the words. I hope you find it too.

Nothing but respect and honor,

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