Author’s Note

This tale has been in the works for over eight years and I did my best to make each page worth reading. Writing this story took more work than I ever could imagine. It’s been a long journey to the finish line. Time can be fickle. All things worth achieving take longer than you think.

As the final edits and printing are now complete, I can still say Jason’s journey is as vivid as when I began. I can still see him hopping over the outfield fence and stepping onto Knight Field to meet his team. I hope the remaining volumes (the outlines are complete) don’t take near as long. But that’s up to the story and like a weaving trail can take many different turns.

And I hope you will order the book here, download a Kindle version, or find a free copy at the library. I want you to experience how Jason Sheridan and the Media Knights overcome impossible odds, feel the fury of Cerberus as he stalks Jason Sheridan in the dark catacombs from the age of the Underground Railroad, and understand that evil does truly lurk in all corners of the county of Jackson.

Thanks for taking a chance on this book.

Kindest regards,

Reimagining the Fairy Tale