Read Knights of Legend

After eight years, fifteen plus rough drafts, thousands of hours of editing, and too many words left to the cutting room floor (yes, tears were shed), this parable of the Book of Job is now available in print. The book follows the exploits of Jason Sheridan, a boy who calls the mystical County of Jackson his home where baseball is the story of legends and the fingers of the Knights of the Round Table are evident at each turn.

He is at the crossroads of life.

On one side, a way of life in a dying Middle America town and on the other the promise of a destiny yet to come, and, of course, in the middle, a decision must be made. But before the choice, betrayal will happen, high school crushes will come and go, enemies will be realized, loved ones will pass, and the game of all baseball games will be played as angel and demon watch on playing their own quiet game of chess. Life is about choices. It’s just sometimes we don’t realize how critical our choices can be at the time. Read it today.

Jackson County Players Association Creed

Seek nothing before honor;
Give mercy to those who ask;
Seek after wonders;
Give hospitality to anyone each according to their ability;
Practice religion most diligently;
Defend the rights of the weak with all one’s strength;
And never break faith for any reason.