Storyteller is an upcoming project that reinforces the adage that every book begins with the first sentence. Now, that is an observation cited by someone in constant thought. Kidding aside, if you look at any great work the first sentence can often define the work. Think about the following: “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed,” “Death is my beat,” and “Call me Ishmail.” These are opening lines to some great novels, or at least some good novels. We are trying to take that to the next level with our upcoming application that takes a great first sentence and allows users to create content to drive a unique work. That’s one broad mission statement. And we’re a ways out before this goes live. But in the mean time, drop us a line about the books that mean something to you. Specifically, tell us why that opening line kept you engaged for an entire novel. While you’re at it, answer the question “Who is John Galt?” Now, that’s a novel that is epic in scope. At the time, it was panned by critics but what work in modern history, a fictional story at that, helped start a movement? Most authors drive to entertain but others manage to take the idea and transform it into a force. Or, at least radically change how you think. Love it or leave it, after 1,000+ pages Atlas Shrugged is one book where you will think differently after taking the journey.

And check back as Story Teller will be up and running in the future.

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