Believe Time Capsule

What do you believe in? Growing up, everyone is impacted by the experiences that life throws our way.  Falling off the monkey bars, the first kiss, winning an event (track and field, spelling or geography bee, sitting still the longest…), receiving the greatest Christmas gift of all time, landing that first job, achieving the first promotion, and the first true time we are faced with right and wrong shape who we are as people. Growing up in a city, living on a farm, being raised in a single-parent family, having little to fall back on, or any combination of the above make us who we are as people.  You see life throws all of us curveballs each and every day.  One has to wonder how exactly Cinderella would respond if she got all dressed up for the ball but prince charming came down with the flu that morning. It’s not the hand we are dealt that matters; rather, it’s how we respond that truly counts. And how we respond is often shaped by our values.

In grade school, do you remember collecting items of importance to be placed in this amazing called a time capsule, which was a rather large lead box?  Everyone in the class was asked to go home and bring an item to be placed in the ever-important time capsule.  See, this was to be a moment of cosmic significance and we were given a week to figure out exactly what we were to give up for all time.  Actually, it was to be opened twenty years later but as the school has long since closed, I doubt anyone remembers where that capsule is buried (Nor, was there anything of value to dig up but who really knows for sure).

The concept of the time capsule is hard to grasp in this day and age because you just don’t hear of schools, or anyone for that matter, burying a big lead box (or the metal of your choice) in the ground anymore. The technology age changed that with blogs and Youtube videos.  Despite the digital age coming and going, the tangible nature of burying an object is intriguing. Why else would an action hero with an ethos built around pulling mysteries from the ground still be able to draw 300 million plus despite not gracing the silver screen for 20 years. I would like to put on my leather fedora, take my shovel, and open that time capsule because I just don’t remember what we put inside. Be it Star Wars action heroes or newspapers with impossible headlines, I just can’t remember. That’s why we write things down.

Project Believe writes things down and is a rudimentary application that wants to know what everyone believes in.  It was originally up and running in a flash format, but we’ll be updating for a rerelease sometime soon in a Web 3 template.