The Day Life Breaks

Despite the talent, Elliot Ross can’t seem to grab success. He’s been coding a security program since high school, each day he adds a little more code and then a bit more. To get his dream project off the ground, he hires his high school nemesis, recruits his college roommate, and sinks a significant amount of cash into an office building overlooking the winding river near a crumbling downtown. He has grand ambition. But somewhere along the way, life takes a turn.

Fighting the daily battles has taken a toll. He is now out of cash and has payroll to make. He believes his wife is about ready to pack her bags and leave. The world is collapsing around him. To turn his life around, he is offered a deal by a local Rock n’ Roll god, who also owns the local ice cream stand in a dimly lit corner of town. Is the man a devil? Hard to say but he is willing to make a deal. In exchange for all the cash Elliot has left, he can learn the equation to solve life’s problems, known in dark circles as The Day Life Breaks.

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“What would you do if given the choice?”

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