Electronic Book Guide

Howdy! We’ve recently begun selling access to electronic books, due to demand. And appreciate you taking the extra step to support us directly. We understand that it’s fairly easy to fire up an electronic reader, go into the Kindle Store, click a button, and magically the book arrives. That being said, the good folks at Amazon (and others) have challenges with pirated books, companies selling notes of other works, etc., Platforms can be a crowded place and often have a certain amount of lock-in, charge immense amounts for advertising, etc.,

One day, perhaps, the Second Act Fables Team will build its own eReader made from titanium to sell to the masses. For now, there are many ways to read an epub book on an old fashion computer or tablet by leveraging Apple Books, Kindle Viewer, Calibre, etc., But if you are a Kindle user, once you receive your electronic book from either our store, or you just want to leverage a site such as Project Gutenberg, it’s a fairly easy process:

  • You can email the document to your device. Each Kindle has a unique email address for document management. Open your settings menu under the account profile, there should be a “Send to Kindle Email,” which looks something like [email protected]. In most cases, it’s as simple as attaching the file to a blank email and sending it; Amazon should do the rest.
  • The other option is to use a USB cable and plug the Kindle into a Mac or PC. Your operating system of choice will recognize the device and one can treat the Reader as a secondary drive. There should be a documents folder to drop the files into accordingly.
  • Amazon also offers an application to send documents to the device. And additional details on file formats, etc.,

Always be reading,

Second Act Fables Team