“What is your business model?”

Mostly, to develop good quality content. I think Disney said it best, “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” Writing is a labor of love.

“Are there differences between the ebook and the print version of Knights of Legend?”

A number of folks spent a significant amount of time on the print version (artists, designers, writers, etc.,). From looking at the cover and page type to interior illustrations and font, I wanted to do this the right way. Each page was looked at in detail to print the work. Kindle books have a number of great features from changing the font, etc., but the experience is different from device to device. It’s somewhat of a challenge to create a solid experience across all these devices and the tools for cross platform are limited. But I did my best, so reach out and let me know what version is best.

“Will there be another Jason Sheridan book?”

Well, you never can tell about writers. They are truly fickle folks.

“If not Jason Sheridan, what is your next work?”

The Dark Harp is now available. And The Day Life Breaks will hopefully launch in 2021.

“Once ordered from your store, when do you ship?”

Usually, the next day once the order is received. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

“What is your take back policy?”

If there is a problem with the book, feel free to reach out. Depending on the problem, we’ll try to make it right. But don’t note a quality problem and send back work that’s obviously been read – like fingerprints or stains. Yes, this has happened. If all looks good or the problem is on this end, another book will go out or refund sent. Customer is always right, most of the time. The goal is to get a solid book in your hands.

“How do you ship?”

In order to keep the cost down, Media Mail is the preferred choice, which sometimes takes 7 to 10 days once the product is shipped. There are also options to get the book to you sooner, which sometimes comes at an additional cost.

“Why does Knights of Legend cost more than the average book?”

Some publishers print in mass to get the book out quickly. They have been doing this for a long time and understand their model. This business model is based on a higher quality book with a smaller print run; thus, the cost is higher. Jason Sheridan will be priced consistently depending upon the channel. Taking into account the book and shipping compared to other forms of entertainment, I believe we did pretty well. A new version of the book comes in at $11.99. Makes it hard for an author to write and eat these days.

“Will Knights of Legend ever be free on Amazon?”

No. There is too much blood, sweat, and tears left on the table for the book to be given away. Besides, there is no such thing as a free book.

“Will Knights of Legend be available on Amazon?”

Yes. The store has a good brand and service model. Some folks are just more comfortable buying from the super store. So, Jason is available now and eligible for super saver shipping. The book’s price will be similar on Amazon (Although, as of today, it’s the most expensive place to buy the hardcover book as we don’t set the price).

“How do you handle credit card transactions?”

The store leverages Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay. There is an overview of our site policies on our policy page. Technically, no card information is stored by our hosting provider. 

“What if I want to make a bulk purchase?”

Always willing to accommodate anyone that wants to make a bulk purchase. Feel free to reach out through the submission form and ask.

“Will the Dark Harp ever be available in paperback or hardback?”

Unlike Knights of Legend, Maven’s story was designed to be read electronically-either on the website or in ebook format. That being said, never say never. Currently reviewing a few options now.

“Will you ever do a follow-up to the Dark Harp?”

A number of projects get bantered about, you never know. Maybe?

“How did you create your book covers?”

Typically, the covers for any book purchased on this site are painted, photographed, and then electronically altered to add in the title, author name, etc., There is a pretty cool written synopsis on making the  original covers for The Dark Harp cover.

“That cover for the Dark Harp looks great. Who painted that masterful work of art?”

The Incredible EB Presents.