Words are powerful.

Below is the technology stack used to convey these simple myths.


This has always been a passion. As a writer and reader, one remembers the books and tales with a particular font that struck a chord. When purchasing these crazy inventions called typewriters, the typeset proved a make-or-break purchase. As Mater, from the grand movie Cars, often said, One day … Anyway, great care is used in choosing a font, and advice from others is often used. This site leverages Google fonts, an open-source project that ensures one doesn’t inadvertently step into any copyright challenges. Details on the licensing can be found here. Usually, Lato is a favorite, followed by OpenSans. But changes occur often.

Holder of Content.

On the back-end front, WordPress is the CMS. For the builder of this site, WordPress has given great joy. Please donate here to keep the education going. On the design front, the theme does change, and Gutenberg blocks are becoming part of the ongoing development. As described in the FAQ and Privacy policy, WooCommerce powers the store. Stripe handles the payment processing. Paypal is leveraged for donations—yes, content is given freely, so tokens of appreciation are … yes … appreciated.

About those Emails.

Emails are sent using MailPoet. And often synced back to Mailchimp, which is operated through an API. If you’ve subscribed, an occasional email is sent to announce a new work or special offer. But that is rare. So rare one often forgets they subscribed. Note, as described in the Privacy Policy, this site doesn’t collect granular information about reading habits.


There are some AWS services embedded for book reading applications and delivery of epub files upon order. One won’t even notice said services are in use.