Finer Forge Questions

Welcome to the Finer Forge, where we’re taking a deep dive into the most frequently asked questions about our humble text analytics platform. Whether you’re a seasoned user or considering taking this for a test drive, our FAQ section aims to address many of the queries and curiosities we’ve been receiving. From understanding the core functionalities to answering common questions, we’re here to offer insights that will help in your story journey. So, let’s get started!

What is the Fable Forge?

The Fable Forge is a comprehensive text analysis and editing tool. It provides writers and editors with deep insights into their work, from basic statistics to intricate sentiment evaluations, readability scores, stylistic feedback, and AI-powered editing recommendations.

Who is the ideal user?

The Forge is perfect for writers, editors, publishers, and literary enthusiasts. Whether you’re penning your first novel, refining a manuscript, or reviewing a series of articles, our tool provides insights that can elevate your content.

Is my text used to train other language models?

To be transparent, maybe. For example, our application leverages the GPT-4 API from OpenAI. Their terms of service note that the organization doesn’t use this data for training. That being said, prediction analysis is an evolving field. Years ago, Shakespeare bots were cutting edge. Now, these services write code for major companies.

What services do you leverage?

Typically, we use whatever works best based on the text provided—Open AI, Microsoft, Google, AWS, etc., Our own models are also leveraged. Analyzing long form text due to most service’s context window is challenging and mileage can vary depending on task.

What happens to my work upon completion?

Once you submit your work, the documents are processed. We only review the output to ensure the analysis and reports run correctly, never reading the work In detail. Typically, we keep the output for thirty days before deleting to answer any questions you may or may not have.

Why do you only accept text files?

The application is designed to analyze plain text data to ensure the most accurate results. The .txt format ensures that only textual content is analyzed, free from any additional formatting, images, or elements present in other file types. This helps in eliminating any potential errors or inconsistencies in the analysis process. Moreover, .txt files are universally compatible and can be easily created from various text editing software, making it a convenient choice for users. Our recommendation is to export to the format, keeping your paragraph formatting intact.

What about copyright?

All of our reports are provided as is. Most highlight challenging sentences, flag usage challenges, and identify redundancies. That being said, the AI copy-edit does make sentence suggestions for rhythm, style, etc., And copyright in this space is very much a work in progress. The writer’s burden is to make the change or not, as it should be.

How does this differ from other tools on the market?

While traditional editing tools focus on grammar and syntax, the Fable Forge goes several steps further. It integrates AI-driven feedback, deep text analysis, sentiment mapping, readability insights, and much more, offering a holistic view of your content.

Have you done an analysis on popular authors?

No. We only run the reports for those who ask. It’s a good policy.

Why is it Report Driven?

Great writers use old-fashioned typewriters.

When can I sign-up?

We’re still doing a little tinkering, gaining feedback. But we’ll announce something shortly. If you have interest, feel free to leverage our submission form and let us know.