Fable Forge

Discover the power of Fable Forge, a cutting-edge analytics tool designed to elevate storytelling through reporting. Harnessing advanced technologies like GPT-4 and NLP, the platform conducts an in-depth analysis of long-form text, providing invaluable insights from readability to sentiment and identifying potential areas for improvement. While offering a comprehensive first-pass refinement, it complements the irreplaceable human touch of a professional editor.

Finer Points:

  • Transform your storytelling with Fable Forge, an AI-powered editing assistant.
  • Designed for the analysis of lengthy text files.
  • Leverages advanced technologies like GPT-4, other state-of-the-art NLP, python libraries, and APIs from Microsoft and Google for in-depth text analysis.
  • Provides comprehensive insights from readability metrics to sentiment analysis.
  • Identifies repetitive words, passive sentences, overused words, and complex structures.
  • An invaluable tool for first-pass refinement yet complements the irreplaceable human touch of a professional editor.

Reporting and Output:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • The Power of N-Grams, Entities, and Phrases
  • Filler Words and Cliches Identification
  • Slow Pace Paragraph Review Sentence Complexity, Deep Dive
  • Challenges of Mismatched Verb Tenses
  • Finicky Pronoun
  • Past Tense Flag
  • Showing vs. Telling
  • Point of View Changes
  • Improving Dialog – Coming Soon
  • Unnecessary Action – Coming Soon

Right now, The Fable Forge is in Beta, we’re still working out the cobwebs with a number of authors. But if you’re interested in giving it a spin on your own work. Feel free to reach out on our submission page, checking the appropriate box. We’re always open to feedback.