Knights of Legend



Knights of Legend, follows the exploits of Jason Sheridan, a boy who calls the mystical county of Jackson his home where baseball is the story of legends and the fingerprints of the Round Table are evident at each turn. He is at the crossroads of life. On one side, a way of life in a dying American town and on the other the promise of destiny yet to come, and, of course, in the middle a decision must be made. But before the choice, betrayal will happen, high school crushes will come and go, enemies will be realized, loved ones will pass, and the game of all baseball games will be played as angel and demon watch on playing their own quiet game of chess. Life is about choices. Experience how Jason Sheridan and the Media Knights learn the importance of choice to overcome impossible odds, feel the fury of Cerberus as he stalks Jason Sheridan in the dark catacombs from the age of the Underground Railroad, and understand that evil does truly lurk in all corners of the county of Jackson. One has three purchase options:

Hardcover: The cover depicts Jason Sheridan staring off into a fast-approaching storm–a hint of the coming battle to come. If one looks closely, one can make out the brush strokes in the storm as the cover was created using oil paints on a traditional canvas, photographed, and completed in traditional photoshop tools before being sent off to print.

The interior design represents the same care taken with the cover. Each page was reviewed carefully before being sent to the printer. The paper in the book is sixty pounds weight (a higher grade than most publishers use), White Husky and is milled either in the United States or Canada. The book comes hardbound and was printed in the U.S.A. near the center of the universe in Central Illinois. The book comes in at almost three hundred eighty pages in length not counting illustrations (there are eight hand-drawn illustrations to begin each Act), copyright page, quotes and more.

Digital Download: Electronic version of the book, ePub and Kindle compatible.

Bundle: Yes, this includes both hardcover and digital versions.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
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Hardcover, Digital Download, Bundle


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