A Chimera’s Roar

Have you heard of the beat Chimera? No? Well, let me tell you the tale. This nightmare of a beast often stalks the dark corners of alleys, closets and old barns, and sometimes the spiderweb of spaces inside your own mind.

Even thinking about the mythical dragon-like roar sends chills down the back of the noblest of knights and marauders alike.

And there is the appearance. Serpent’s tail. Chicken legs. Forked tongue. Some say the beast can even change shape in dark places, especially if hunger comes.

Ages ago, a Chimera terrorized a local village. Brick buildings destroyed at the foundation. Cattle slaughtered. Nobody ventured out at night. The village elders met and after deliberation agreed that the evil beast must be stopped at all cost. Money was no object.

The elders found the world’s greatest hunter, Sir Robin de Insta, who agreed to slay the beast. He never backed down from a challenge. Using his trusty lantern and carrying sword and shield, he searched the countryside night after night.

Weeks went by and his wife begged him to stop. “It’s too dangerous, please. Are you so sure that you need to keep pushing this foolish game?”

Robin answered, “I’m doing my duty, no way to quit now. The peasants are overran by the beast. And there could be more. Not even a Great Wall around the village could stop the coming horde.”

“You’re being foolish,” his wife answered. “Never join in the hysteria.”

The next night, Robin turned down a dark corridor. His ornate lantern cast a large dragon like shadow throughout the village. The beast roared.

Undeterred, Robin chased his prey down a dark street. Raising his sword, he swung with all his might. He missed the beast’s three heads but managed to chop off a single claw. Roaring in rage, the Chimera flapped its wings, pushing the knight to his knees, and flew over the rooftops, fleeing to safety.

The next morning. Robin awoke and noticed that his wife was missing one of her fingers. Realizing that she was indeed the Chimera, he cried out, “What have I done?”

Using the end of a blanket, she wrapped her finger to stop the bleeding. “I’ve seen the enemy and it is you, such a fool. Yet, I still love you.”

The End.

This is an Instagram story (written by a custom AI), kept here for posterity reasons.