The Dark Harp is Coming Soon

Today, we're announcing The Dark Harp-a fairy tale about an evil King, a beautiful Queen, a conjuring Wizard, and a young Prince finding his way in the world. All the characters are bound together by two magical instruments with the power to change the kingdom. Beginning October 2nd (or sometime around then as we're finalizing some [...]

Knights of Legend, Now in Paperback

Knights of Legend is moving to a new format. It was originally released in hardcover before moving on to ebook in the Kindle store. As we only have a few hardcovers remaining, a limited edition paperback is now available. The paperback will have the same oil print cover along with all of the illustrations found [...]

Announcing The Day Life Breaks

Proud to announce our newest project, The Day Life Breaks, will be published later this year. Despite the talent, Elliot Ross can't seem to grab success. He's been coding a security program since high school, each day he adds a little more code and then a bit more. To get his dream project off the ground, [...]

Ferd·i·nand the Bull

1 in 100. That’s what the commercials say are the odds of having a kid with autism. The odds are even better to know someone close to you that’s been impacted. It’s difficult to fathom what that means. Autism is difficult to understand. I remember the day my best friend’s only child was diagnosed. Years [...]