Knights of Legend, Now in Paperback

Knights of Legend is moving to a new format. It was originally released in hardcover before moving on to ebook in the Kindle store. As we only have a few hardcovers remaining, a limited edition paperback is now available. The paperback will have the same oil print cover along with all of the illustrations found in the hardcover version. And are you ready for the price? Well, it’s coming out for the low price of $7.99 for a limited time only. If you haven’t tried the book yet, now is the opportunity. Head over to the store and give the title a look. The hardcover book is still available in the Second Act Store and on Amazon (Hurry, there are only two left on Amazon; although, there are a few used books left out there in the wild).

“Knights of Legend is a tapestry woven between the threads of tradition, families, and legacies.”

“Jason Sheridan is Outstanding.”