The Dark Harp is Coming Soon

Today, we’re announcing The Dark Harp-a fairy tale about an evil King, a beautiful Queen, a conjuring Wizard, and a young Prince finding his way in the world. All the characters are bound together by two magical instruments with the power to change the kingdom.

Beginning October 2nd (or sometime around then as we’re finalizing some copyright and technical details), we’re launching the work in a serial fashion. In literature, most of Charles Dicken’s books were released in the same manner in the weekly newspaper. We wanted this book to be a throwback of sorts too. So, every Sunday night at 7pm you can find the latest chapter at Read a fairy tale to your kids (or read it for yourself) on Sunday nights. Bed Sheets. Dim lights. Hot chocolate. You get the idea. And if you want to read ahead, there will be a Kindle version out there as well.

As always, thanks for reading. And remember, evil does exist in all corners of the Kingdom of Silverthrone.