The Day Life Breaks, Available September 17th

Presenting the Day Life Breaks, A Second Act Fables Jam

In 2014, J. Scott Bradley started with a concept to fictionalize common self-help books and quotes. Power. The Magic of Thinking Big. Atomic Habits. The 4-Hour Workweek.The great compilations stick with you through the hard times and often give a special takeaway to better one’s self. And affirmations? What’s not to like about about sayings from stoic philosophers, famous authors, political leaders, and athletes. Everyone knows the type. A few of merit:

What would do if you could not fail?

Fear helps you realize what your life needs.

Your choices make you who you are.

These are important but challenging lamentations, and the daily grind of life often ruins the shine that failure is indeed good for you. As part of the writing process almost eight years ago, we setup a crowdsourced editing process where any brave soul could offer to assist with fine-tuning, adjust plot points, and share ideas on an early manuscript. Similar to a tome filled with self-help knowledge, tangible feedback can come from a diverse group.

After completing the final touches, we noticed a surprising trend. A number who took the challenge changed roles or career directions afterwards. Carpenters pursued information technology pursuits. Factory workers retired. English teachers took the LSAT.

Is Elliot’s tale cursed?



You be the judge.

But remember, dreams are powerful and, oh, so dangerous indeed. Available for pre-order on Kindle.