A Trip Through the Clouds

Symbols are meaningful, for the good and the bad. And some are old. The caduceus is ancient, going back to the mythical god Hermes. A short staff entwined with two serpents, often confused with Apollo’s medical staff that only has one serpent. I know this is confusing.

And even the most successful modern-day logos, the Nike Swoosh as an example, have ties to the Greek Goddess of Victory. What better way to sell your athletic prowess than tying to traits of power, motivation, and raw speed?

For the logo fans, there are other great examples. Levi Strauss has a timeless logo highlighting two cattle drives. IBM, big blue. The iconic bite out of an Apple. And let’s not forget my personal favorite, which comes from the Red Cross. Timeless. Everlasting. Neutrality. The red background dates back to the early Ottoman empire.

To help sell legends, the Second Act Logo has been in the wild for seven long years. Passionate about re-imagining fairy tales and creating new legends, the book of dreams logo depicts a carriage being pulled by a Pegasus into the starry night sky. On a rocket-ship trip to the clouds through the land of one’s imagination, what is the rider’s destination? Perhaps, anywhere. But more importantly, the beauty of stories is you can create your own Second Act. Start a business? Gain a promotion? Change professions? Write a book? Build a charity? Run for public office? Anyone can dream.

One of the reasons this logo works, is that aspirations and imagination require a certain amount of flexibility, as do symbols. Remove the carriage and replace it with one of the Chaos Knights from the Dark Harp. Or, perhaps, swap out with a guitar? This is the upcoming logo for the Day Life Breaks.

As there have been requests, you can now buy an official Second Act Sticker (shipped for $3, US only). Or, order a copy of Jason Sheridan and one is included at no additional charge.

So, Stick on a laptop or iPad. Or, seal an envelope (far easier than using a wax seal). Instead of using superglue, wrap around a broken pen or pencil. There are a million and one uses of duct tape, why not a better option?

Thanks for dreaming. And reading.